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Ron Jimenez and Matt Felix win Gold in Oregon Senior Games

Ron Jimenez and Matt Felix won the Gold medal in the Oregon Senior Games. They had to beat two 5.0 rated teams. Their playing was amazing to watch. WAY TO GO!! Note: The photo shown is Matt (playing with Wayne) against Ron (playing with Mike) practicing here in Chico....

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20th Street Pickleball Courts Reopening

Great news! The resurfacing of the 20th Street courts has been completed well ahead of schedule and will be opened for play on Monday, April 30th. If you are as anxious as I am, you will be there early in the morning. Hope the person responsible for removing the locks...

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20th Street Pickleball Courts Resurfacing – April 19th

Progress continues as the courts are being resurfaced. It appears as most all of the courts have had the cracks patched and prepped for the next stage.  Play continues at Durham, Paradise and the Chico Sports Club. Be sure to check out the Events Calendar to find...

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20th Street Courts Close for Resurfacing

Starting April 11, 2018 the Pickleball courts at 20th street will be temporarily closed until May 30th so they can be resurfaced. Fortunately there are some alternative locations to play. Mike has been able to secure availability in Durham and Chico Sports Club has...

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