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Playing Tip: It’s Your Job

Every player has a job to do, and it varies depending on where you are in the game. When you serve, land a safe serve and stay behind the baseline to await a return of serve. Don’t creep up too early. When your partner serves, stay behind the baseline to await the...

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Rule Review: Do Overs

There are very few times when you get a “do over” in pickleball. The most common second chances are when you hit a let serve, or when play is stopped because an errant ball or an over-zealous player from another court enters your court, interfering with play. You must...

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Women’s Pickleball – Ladder League

Join the Women's Pickleball Ladder League! This league begins September 20th, and runs for eight weeks. All games played at Community Park on Thursday evenings, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. Players sign up individually and will be placed according to their self pickleball...

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Rule Review: It’s Your Fault

If a ball in play hits you before it bounces on the court, it is a fault against you. If a ball bounces anywhere on the court and then hits you, it is a fault against you. If a ball is speeding high out of bounds and it hits you even when you are standing all the way...

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Chico Pickleball Tournament – September 2018

If you haven't already registered, please be sure to do so as soon as possible. Round Robin tournament awards medals for the top 3 in each division - beginner, intermediate and advanced. Men and women play Saturday; mixed doubles play Sunday (must have a partner)....

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Live a Longer, Healthier Life Playing Pickleball

As a member of the USAPA, I was recently sent this video from the Pickleball Channel that suggests that playing this great sport may help you live longer. Basically they state that people who have a love for life (socialize with others), exercise and eat a healthy...

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Rule Review: Whose Call is it?

We don't have referees at drop-in pickleball, so you wear the stripes. Step up to the responsibility when the ball is on your side of the net, and don’t argue or overcall when the ball is on your opponents' side. Call "out" balls clearly and promptly as you see them....

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Chico Pickleball Website Launch

It's official! is live and here to support our enthusiasm for the game we all love and for many of us, can't seem to live without. Our goal is to keep fellow Pickleball players within the area up to date on local events, classes, tournaments,...

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Redding Pickleball Tournament – June 2018

Mike Kunkis reported that Saturday was the first day of Redding's first tournament and it was a good day for Chico pickleballers. Lauri Henry and Kathy Kaer won bronze medals as did Mike Burke and Jim Fiack. Rich Gitelson and Mike Kunkis won gold medals. But the MVPs...

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Ron Jimenez and Matt Felix win Gold in Oregon Senior Games

Ron Jimenez and Matt Felix won the Gold medal in the Oregon Senior Games. They had to beat two 5.0 rated teams. Their playing was amazing to watch. WAY TO GO!! Note: The photo shown is Matt (playing with Wayne) against Ron (playing with Mike) practicing here in Chico....

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20th Street Pickleball Courts Reopening

Great news! The resurfacing of the 20th Street courts has been completed well ahead of schedule and will be opened for play on Monday, April 30th. If you are as anxious as I am, you will be there early in the morning. Hope the person responsible for removing the locks...

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