Every player has a job to do, and it varies depending on where you are in the game.

  • When you serve, land a safe serve and stay behind the baseline to await a return of serve. Don’t creep up too early.
  • When your partner serves, stay behind the baseline to await the bounce on a return of serve.
  • When you are receiving a serve, stand back far enough for a deep serve. It’s easier to move forward than backward.
  • When your partner is receiving serve, stand ready at the kitchen line but look behind you to watch the serve land. Be ready to call a fault if there is one. Watch for a let serve or one that lands in the kitchen.
  • When your partner moves, you move in the same direction – up, back, left or right. Try to stay together to provide the best defensive line.
  • When your partner is bigger or fiercer than you, just keep the ball in play until s/he has a chance to put it away.


Special thanks to the Incline Village Pickleball players for allowing us to post this information they created for their group. If you are in Tahoe, be sure to check out their great location with 8 courts and a friendly group for some Pickleball fun.

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