If a ball in play hits you before it bounces on the court, it is a fault against you.

If a ball bounces anywhere on the court and then hits you, it is a fault against you.

If a ball is speeding high out of bounds and it hits you even when you are standing all the way to the fence, it is a fault against you.

If your partner’s return of serve hits you, it is a fault against you.

If your opponent’s ball hits you because you are a big, scary presence at the kitchen line, it is a fault against you.

In other words, getting hit by a ball is always your fault. So duck, swivel or jump to avoid being hit. And remember, catching a ball is the equivalent of being hit by the ball. It is a fault against you.

Playing Tip: On the Move

Have you noticed how some good players seem antsy while they are waiting for play to resume? They never stand still.

A body in motion tends to stay in motion, while a stationary body needs a boost to get going. Thank you Sir Isaac Newton.

In pickleball, you must be quick on your feet. Staying in motion gives you a head start. So shuffle your feet a bit while waiting for someone to serve. When you are planted in the ready position, roll onto your toes, keep your feet flexible, and you will be ready to make a quick move. Every second counts.


Special thanks to the Incline Village Pickleball players for allowing us to post this information they created for their group. If you are in Tahoe, be sure to check out their great location with 8 courts and a friendly group for some Pickleball fun.

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